Private investment in the Tokyo region reaches JPY 500 billion

A GTB survey compiled a list of private investment topics for each GTB bio-innovation promotion centre. It found that the total amount for the entire Tokyo region amounts to JPY 500 billion/2 years...

Certified biopharmaceutical manufacturing sites are concentrated in the Tokyo area

The JBA survey found that 12 of the 17 certified biopharmaceutical manufacturing sites have manufacturing and head office functions in the Tokyo area. Others, such as biofoundries...

An Overview of Japan’s Bioeconomy Strategy and Greater Tokyo Biocommunity

Introduction of Japan’s bioeconomy strategy and Japan’s leading biocommunity, one of which is Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB). contents: Japan’s Bioeconomy Strategy -Global Trends, Japan’s Bioeconomy Strategy, Bio-Based Market, Japan’s Leading Biocommunity, Data Linkage Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) -Potential of Tokyo Area, Bio-innovation Promotion Areas, GTB Council, Goal and Approaches, KPI, Typical Progress, Tools for sharing activities For details, please see the documents below. Documents...

Japanese Life Science Startup List

Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA) and NPO Kinki Bio-Industry Development Organization (KBDO) jointly publish and manage “Japanese Life Science Startup List,” a database to introduce the activities of various types of Japanese life science startups. Currently, 225 and 140 startups are included in the Japanese and English pages of the database, respectively. The English page is available at: If you are interested in biotech startups or looking for novel life...

Total sales of member companies of the five biotechnology-related organizations in the GTB area were calculated.

As stated in the Master Activity Plan, GTB has set the growth indicators (KPIs) to visualize the results of its activities. The prime KPI is the total sales of member companies of the five biotechnology-related organizations in the GTB area (listed companies and non-listed companies for which sales figures are available; hereinafter referred to as “member companies”), with the goal of expanding total sales from 102 trillion yen in FY2020...

Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) incubation facility list has been opened.

Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) has been certified by Japanese Government as a global biocommunity. The GTB is composed of eight areas: Tsukuba, Kashiwanoha, Hongo/Ochanomizu/Tokyo Station, Nihonbashi, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Shonan, and Chiba/Kazusa. Each area has incubation facilities for startups/ventures to promote the seeds to effective commercialization. This time, a list of these GTB incubation facilities has been created for the startups/ventures looking for the incubation facility in GTB of Japan. GTB...

GTB: Its Advantage on Research, Drug Pipelines and Patents

The Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) was established in October 2021 to strengthen the bioindustry ecosystem and achieve the goal of “realizing the world’s most advanced bioeconomy society by 2030,” as stated in the national government’s “Bioeconomy Strategy 2020“. GTB promotes the formation of a global biocommunity hub in Tokyo and its surrounding areas (hereafter referred to as the “greater Tokyo area”), with the participation of a total of 45 organizations...

The first general meeting of the GTB Council was held!

The first general meeting of the Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) Council was held on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, marking the official launch of the GTB. Mr. NAGAYAMA Osamu, President of the Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA), was elected as Chairman of the Council, and Mr. MIYASAKA Manabu, Vice Governor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Dr. WATANABE Toshiya, Vice President of the University of Tokyo, were elected as Vice Chairmen. The...

Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB)

Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) is an industry-academia-government network for the biotechnology industry in greater Tokyo area. The Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA) serves as the secretariat.

Strength of the Tokyo area

Superior Sciences

Leading research institutes and researchers generate many IPs and drug pipelines

Clustering of
Large Companies

Largest concentration of large companies in Japan

Emerging Companies

About half of Japan's biotech start-ups locate in Tokyo area

Action of the GTB

Research collaboration

Startup development

Investment in production facilities

Infrastructure (network, human resource, coordination of innovation hubs, etc.)

International recognition, Foreign investment

GTB Bioinnovation Promotion Areas

Eight areas promoting bioecosystem formation

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Japan's Certified Biocommunity

In Japan, the Cabinet Office certifies biocommunities

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