Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) incubation facility list has been opened.

Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB) has been certified by Japanese Government as a global biocommunity. The GTB is composed of eight areas: Tsukuba, Kashiwanoha, Hongo/Ochanomizu/Tokyo Station, Nihonbashi, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Shonan, and Chiba/Kazusa. Each area has incubation facilities for startups/ventures to promote the seeds to effective commercialization. This time, a list of these GTB incubation facilities has been created for the startups/ventures looking for the incubation facility in GTB of Japan.

GTB Bio-innovation Promotion Areas

If interested, please download the list below.

*Please download the latest version of the list from the GTB website <>.


List (MS Excel)

Image of Incubation List
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